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Stage 2…
First dividends

Welcome to SRM ICO

One of the most profitable and stable ICO projects of 2018. The Silk Road Mining (SRM) project was founded in 2018 by a team of specialists from different countries, mainly from China, Kazakhstan, UAE, with the support of BITT Inc. We offer our clients industrial mining services on the territory of the special industrial zone in the North part of Kazakhstan.

About SRM

By purchasing our SILK token, you become a co-owner of the project and make a profit depending on the number of purchased tokens. Approximate profit you can calculate in our profitability calculator, we plan to collect $ 26 million (the project starts regardless of the amount of investment collected), 87% of the collected investments will be spent on the purchase of BITMAIN equipment, this equipment is currently the most effective. Equipment will be located in a specialized SRM hangar for 30 megawatts. The SRM hangar is designed by a team of the best specialists in the construction of data centers for large companies around the world, the advantage of the SRM hangar: safety, saving of cooling costs, the possibility of introducing renewable energy sources and immersion cooling. The project will last until January, 2019. In March 2019, investors will begin to receive the first dividends from the project.

Our advantages

Cheap electrecity
One of the lowest electricity prices in the world. 2 cents per kWh!
The location of our project is located near the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. Astana is the second coldest capital in the world. The average annual temperature here is 3.1°C.
Time is money. Most ICO projects related to industrial mining stretch the sale of tokens for a long time. Investors who have invested in SILK ROAD MINING, will begin to receive dividends on 10 March, 2019.
ROI more than 500% for 3 years
Considering our terms of mining and the function of reinvest, you will get the maximum profit.
Renewable energy source
Our location provides for the introduction and use of renewable energy sources.
Loyal Government
There are no laws banning mining, no taxation.
The lack of a rent
The location where our project will be located is a private property and is located in the industrial zone near Astana. This means no rent, which significantly reduces the cost of mining and increases your profits.

The scheme of distribution of dividends

Owner of the SILK token
You buy SILK token through the personal SRM cabinet (
We are mining the Bitcoin
We will use BITMAIN’s efficient equipment, at the moment it’s the S9 model, or S11 if it’ll be available at the end of ICO, all news will be in our Telegram channel.
Convert BTC to ETH
Conversion via ShapeShift, we convert bitcoin into ethereum because payments through a smart contract are only available on the ethereum network.
Using Smart Contract ETH
All the conditions written in the contract are met, then there is a monthly payment of dividends in accordance with the shares in the project.
You receive your
You receive a profit (70%) from the mining, on the 10th of each month, you can collect dividends in the SRM personal cabinet!
The distribution of
Community Team Reinvest
How are tokens and dividends
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Investment amount:
BTC price:
Price of equipment (asic):
1 month
2 month
3 month
4 month
* Our calculator contains antminer s9 (14 th / s), its price varies depending on the bitcoin price, you can see the price of the equipment on the official site of bitmain. Payback of this equipment is 4-5 months, regardless of the course of bitcoin and the complexity of mining, for more information you can read in our White Paper SRM.

** All purchased equipment will be insured by the best international insurance companies, the choice of the company will be carried out upon completion of the ICO by voting by SRM depositors.

Distribution of collected investments

87 %
5 %
6 %
Installation work
2 %
Team Installation work Marketing Procurement

Collected investment ICO «SRM»

From the collected funds during the ICO:
87% – purchase of equipment
2% – installation work
5% – go to marketing
6% – on bonuses to the team


Be with us!
25 August, 2018
26 September 2018 – 5 May 2019
20-30 May, 2019
10 June, 2019
10 July, 2019


Tamerlan Zamirbekov
Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO of BITT Inc. holding Company that operates in Cryptocurrency mining. President of the Youth Association of Tourism and Sports. Has 8 years of experience in websites development, including all successful projects. Developed server data storage engines, Software engineer (C/C++, Java, Python).
Azamat Kyrykbayev
Architector of POD
Field Technical Support Consultant in HP company. Head of System Administrators in Tele2 (the biggest telecommunication company in Kazakhstan). Head of Sales, Service and Solution departures, Account Executive, IT manager: More than 25 successful projects. Development of the organization.
Consultant, engineer: implementation projects for virtual environments (VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, Citrix, HP VM Integrity, HP BladeMatrix), AD (Windows2003-2012), mail, implement software for optimizing processes by ITIL/ITSM (HP Software, IBM Tivoli, OTRS, Omnitracker). Experience unique to the implementation of projects of construction of RK data centers, cloud services, and create a catalog of IT services. Experience to market RK-demand services outsourcing services and IT consulting.
Oracle Solaris 10/11; HP-Unix v10/11.11/11.23/11.31; HP SiteScope; HP DDMi; HP StorageEssentials; Nagios; HP ServiceGuard; HP DataProtector; Dell NetVault. Storages – HP MSA/P2000; HP LeftHand/P4000; HP EVA/P6000; HP XP Storages/P9500; HP 3PAR/P10000; DotHill Storages; NetApp (FAS and EF families); Dell Storages (SC series); Hitachi storages; EMC (VNX series).
Linux Administrator, Unix Administrator, Virtual Systems Administrator.
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Amir Negametzyanov
Cyber Security Engineer
Certified ethical hacker (CEH) EC-council. Web application developer in Ruby Soft Solutions, Malaysia. IT risk management consultant in KPMG. Cyber risk senior consultant in Deloitte. International Positive Hack Days winner 2018.
PCAOB audit (Information security controls testing and optimization) for the biggest telecommunication operator.
Internal control optimization for the biggest zinc factory in Kazakhstan (from the information security perspective). IT audit and information security management system development for the biggest warehouse in Kazakhstan. Technological Proficiencies: Kali linux, Metsploit, Nmon, ISO27001, Cobit5 ISO22301, IDS/IPS, Firewall settings configuration, Java, OOP, Oracle database administration, Cisco ACL configuration.
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Elubay Kabdylmanatov
Software Engineer
CEO of Momentum company. Founder of Jay-box project. Jay-box – start up of the year in 2017 year in Kazakhstan award. Expert of start ups in Atameken group. Founder of mobile device for raising the quality of education project. Head of the working group on the development of equipment for industry of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Speaker of the international scientific conference on electrolysis and the extraction of precious metals(Germany,Belarus). Skilled in hardware developing, mathematics, chemistry.
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Timur Anvari
Mining Manager
Mining and Hosting specialist. Skilled miner with 3 years of experience in bitcoin mining, planning and network load allotment, server and data center project management. Chief Technical director of BITT Inc.
Ilyas Baltabayev
Operating Officer
All stages of project implementation, technical equipment, elaboration and writing of technical tasks, estimates, control of contractors. iOS/Swift Engineer.
Iman Suleimenov
Project manager
Have an outstanding experience in various business projects management such as in IT companies, Investments funds and Manufacturing factories. Blockchain admirer and early cryptocurrencies supporter.
Bek Salimov
Financial Officer
CFO of BITT Inc. consulting company. KPMG department of management consulting alumni. More than 5 year experience in Chinese investment company. Blockchain enthusiast and cryptoinvestor. Skilled in negotiation, business planning and project management. With bachelor of arts, major in financial, from Central Univesty of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China.
Denis Klimin
Extensive experience in the development and promotion of ICO projects. On account of 3 projects that have successfully attracted investment.
Natalya Zhabina
Rich experience in management and development of projects of ICO. Successfully works with large brands.
Tamerlan Zamirbekov
Azamat Kyrykbayev
Amir Negametzyanov
Elubay Kabdylmanatov
Timur Anvari
Ilyas Baltabayev
Iman Suleimenov
Berik Salimov
Denis Klimin
Natalya Zhabina